poem for a cold day

This is how I have named one of my winter pictures a few years ago… I like this idea, makes me to think that despite coldness they are still a lot of beautiful things to see, to perceive, to feel, to understand…


I love the winter, I love  the starkness of the trees and the snow, that endless white with shadows of white… I long for this snow, and the sound of my boats in the white carpet…. and the red wine with cinnamon, the snowmen, hot chocolate, the fight with snowballs… They are a lot of reasons to love the winter… my winter is absolutely breathtaking. I just love the way the snow  sparkle in the sun light… everything is crispy and fresh… even the air smells different in the winter… the fallen snow on the trees…(sigh…)



These are pictures from my visual poetry project. Little details about life, about winter, about my winter. Little things usually people dont see.. I love to search for details, in fact they make our life.. right?(or left!! :)) )



Even that some of you you know already this work, I was thinking to post a little bit even here for those ones who didn’t saw this  on my portfolio.. You can bask in your solitude into the cold… is almost like a brutal beauty.. she can be quiet and wild in the same time… I love the smell of the cold…



This should be all for today… they are 22 º already …. and with my thoughts full of winter I will be all day long ,( like yesterday ) I let you to watch this work and to imagine your own story about winter… Or simply close your eyes and imagine yourself snowing.. yes, snowing the snow.  That simply you turn apart into crumbs of clouds and slippery snow flakes, over the another ones thoughts, you wished, at least into your dream, to feel the snow’s material insubstantiallity, yet not become true snow. Though, none of the mornings, me, I didn’t woke up with the remember of that crumbing, although I wished I did…

8 thoughts on “poem for a cold day

  1. Nice photographs snow white…I will check out your portfolio when I get the chance…I know I saw some of it a while back. I always romantically imagine that when it is time for me to go…that I would still have the strength to climb the mountains and finally rest in the snow for the eternal rest 🙂

      1. photographs to come in the next days, I have plenty of them but the internet it is working with the speed of the light turned off :))))) but I am trying to fix this someway.. and I will upload more pictures. thank you again for your words!!

      2. :)) Usually I dont give up so easy!! Beside this.. I want to see all happy islands.. so it will take time until I will head home… But, I really enjoy my time here(on the other hand.. )

  2. Beautiful. I love winter. I love your pictures. Your words ring home and so true. I look forward to following and seeing more of the world through your eyes.

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