это моя зима (my winter)

OK. I am in a place where in this very moment they are 21°C  – 10 o´clock in the morning (Real Feel 22°C) and last night according accuweather.com they was 16°C…And all day long will be plenty of sunshine. People consider me lucky to be in such place in December… but when you are far away from home no place in this world can make you more happy than your “home”.. I dont know for sure what means “home” .. I am far away since too much time already… The truth is I miss my winter… so today I will post pictures from different years taken in the first days of winter..











As the winter is my favorite season, I have so much pictures taken, one cannot imagine.. But I will post them little by little…

It seems to me so weird to see people on the beach on December, when the world is preparing for Christmas and winter holidays…

… ….

So, this is my winter… a drop from my winter… tomorrow I might post other drops… Till then be safe and enjoy your winter.

(All images are © Margo Wiessman, 2012 and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, stored, or altered in any way without the written consent of the photographer!)


10 thoughts on “это моя зима (my winter)

    1. these pictures are in my first book “visual poetry”.. now I have published the second one but it is about summer… it is a thing I love to do, to search for details.. the life it is made by details..

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