another place or just a road…

Once, we hit all of us the important question of childhood, often stressful for a child … “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Where were all the rage astronauts, divers and pilots, plus classics drivers, policemen, superman. That change throughout life, reaching in many cases to do all kinds of shit that have no in wedge or sleeve, with what you wanted. It’s one of the saddest things in the world! But you can be at peace with yourself if you try to follow your dream! It almost does not matter if you succeed or not … even have to try!

Whenever we start something, we take a risk. And all of us,  we wanted at least one time to start a career. Many have started it but JUST a few continued.

And when we become “KNOWN” by the others, the  major risk we take is that our life becomes everyone´s life? Think about, how could it be to take a walk in the park with your boyfriend, and some people you have no idea who they are, start to look at you in a pushy way …”I know that girl, she is an artist, her pictures are very nice”.. “I know that girl, she is a very nice (I dunno)(let´s say…) singer!” .. and all of them they stare at you and makes you to feel uncomfortable. Of course until one point you feel nice and some kinda pride start to grow in your mind.

And if we are so bothered by insistent people, people who point their fingers on us, do we still want to be  some kind of “public figure”? How could it be to want to jump on the boyfriend arms and to not be able to do it just because some people on the street they knows who you are and you don´t wanna be part of an awkward moment…

why you want to play when you can not play your own life?

So in the end you want to do what? To risk ..and to continue this, or to go somewhere, in the middle of nowhere where nobody knows you and you can do what you wanna do, you can scream if you want in the middle of the street, you can cry, you can do stupid things, you can feel like a child…. and so on…

In fact risks are everywhere. Even the love is a risk, a huge one. Even so, we risk whenever we have the opportunity. We like to do it. We think it is funny and in fashion.

And one of these risks is to start a new life, somewhere in a place you never was before. Simply doing your luggage and go up in the plane, thinking that only in such a way, you get rid of people, insistent gaze, and the stupidity that surrounds you. You think of another place, another way, another roads to follow…

You think you are not alone in this and someone who pretend to love you will follow you on this journey. You keep wondering if it is another road you must take or it is just a new place…

“talk to me! say something! anything .. you just do not understand that my happiness is feeding with your words?”

But with empty (or maybe not) eyes you take his hand and go, far away from people, far away from noise, far away from everything… And it doesn ´t matter if is another place or just a road…


All images are copyright © Margo Wiessman, 2012 and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, stored, or altered in any way without the written consent of the photographer! Images from the project ” another place or just a road?



3 thoughts on “another place or just a road…

  1. What a great piece and words. So many of us fall well short of our dreams or simply give up and submit to what is. I also love your comments about becoming “known”. I don’t wish fame upon anyone.

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