winter… when there´s nothing else…


today I miss my home…..


These past few weeks have been really crazy. Autumn crazy days….I’ve been going crazy the past couple days… running… here, there… anywhere….like the Italians use to say: “da per tutto”…and I was very frustrated…because here nothing seems to work like it should be… everything it’s always so crazy! I am tired and I feel like I become lazy more and more each day…. I just wanna fall asleep and to wake up next Saturday….




And, in this time of year I used to see the first snow… It is so weird to not see this now.. I miss my winter…











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13 thoughts on “winter… when there´s nothing else…

      1. well, in Europe I think I saw almost all mountains… but I would like to see Asia… Himalaya, Karakoram, Tien Shan and the Pamir… dreams, dreams… hahaha.. but as I want to travel there in the future…

      2. yeah…I almost said that I plan to go there too…but I just don’t know…will see…there is much to be done here before I dream of there 🙂

  1. in fact if I am thinking better, the mountains in Russia, I didn’t saw yet… the Ural mountains… Mount Elbrus, 5600m (I guess, I dont remember in this moment).. this I would like to see… I guess is magnificent.. 🙂

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