the little sea princess

Far away in the ocean, where the water is as the sky it is and and as clear as crystal, is living my mermaid… a little sea-princess…
I saw her for the first time a few years ago…. when she had the persmission to rise to the surface to see the world outside the water… and I felt in love… I started to come every day to see her and we became friends…

I remember that the most nicest thing that we was doing together it was to lie in the moonlight, on a sandbank, in the quiet sea, near the coast. But because she was not able to come into my world to see more closely all the things I decided to become a mermaid too and to spend all my life with her… she told me that this is not possible because I am not like her and I will not be able to live in her world.. she told me in a trembling voice “no, you must die to do this”… But I didn’t care anymore.. I just wanted to do it….for her.. for our love ….
In the moonlight, in one night she told me that she have to go and we will see each other in the next day to come… but she never came again.. since then, they are a few years… I am here every day waiting for her….

I still love her and I still feel her wet touch on my skin… I still imagine how it could be to live together and I still feel her kiss on my lips…


(north sea portraits, copyright Margo Wiessman 2010)

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