Atxabiribil hondartza, Sopela, Bizkaia

Hi everybody. For the moment I am “home”. I just came back from Basque Country and I must tell that I love this place. Of course I have taken a “few” pictures which I will show you step by step. Today I will show you a magic place: Sopelana beach. Sopelana is known for the two beaches Barinatxe and Arrietara. They are rather exposed to the elements of the Bay of Biscay and have good conditions for surfers. A third beach, Meñakoz is of less appeal for sun worshippers, and more for the surfer crowd due to the pebble bed ground. Sopelana is frequently the host of regional surf competitions as conditions are adequate for surfing in its beaches. Sopelana (Sopela in Basque) is a town and municipality located in the province of Biscay, in the autonomous community of Basque Country.

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