365 (with you ) = 1

I used to be a dead living woman before I found you. I never know I could madly be in love again. As soon as I met you my fingers met joy and my heart felt peace. I was like a land without water, where every plant witnesses drought, a sea without oxygen where every organisms met with Gods, and like the rose without nectar, which was deserted by every insect. When I found you, a new me was made.

(Sometime in life time, we meet people we have no expectation of meeting. Sometimes you meet people and your whole world experience reforms). I meet you and started realizing the reason why I have to stay longer and why I spent so much time on the border of the sea waiting for you. There was times I was searching for who cares and loves me but I never saw, until one day when I wanted to fail in faith and hope, but going down I meet your soft, tender hands waiting to lift me up, which shows love and care. Every time I breathe I notice the inclination in the level of love I have for you. Maybe it’s because I keep you in the most integral part of my heart.
Finding you has set my heart free. I am about to fall  into this wonderful world of bliss that is your waiting arms. I love to stay in your arms! I hope when I will fall you will be there to catch me as always and safeguard something that I haven’t given in a very long time – my heart.
I love you with all that I am. I am ready for my journey hand in hand with you …I want a life time with you. I have tried a million times to put into words how I feel for you…. It’s so hard to describe such an intense emotion. I knew from the day we met  that you were meant for me. There was a huge void in my life until you came along. I thank to the sky everyday for leading us to each other. You complete me. I think back to how empty my life was without you, and I am so grateful that you are here…

And I am speaking, and speaking….. In fact I just wanted to tell you happy birthday, my love!!!!! A hundred candles to light up your Birthday party would be less, compared to the amount of light and shine you have brought in my life. 364 days of the year, you bring me gifts but today is my turn. And… you know… 365 (with you ) = 1

So, don’t forget me when you become a millionaire! hahahahaha

Happy Birthday babe!!!!

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