the smile

Nobody saw him coming from the stars, he arrived on a transparent cloud and with a simple message he found the best place in the universe, my heart. And he installed himself there so comfortable, bringing to me all this endless love…

Every day I am listening the stories of the others and at each end of a day I am thinking to my story. How different it is!! It gives me so much hope, as if it were my daily food, the sea where I am melting , the river where I start… my energy source.
Every time he leaves, in five minutes I already miss him, and I know that what we have today, we will have even tomorrow, and all this love will last forever. It is not something passing away, I know I want him forever. He understand me and support me no matter what time is it, no matter of the day we are, no matter of the season… and was like this since ever…

I could feel him here with me even if he would be away. He was always with me. Every day he gives me the desire to start a new day… to go on. And, even while he was not beside me, there was no problem, I knew he is with me and he knew I was with him, and the distance brought us closer and even united us.

He is the one that makes me smile every day, because every time I think of him I am smiling, so , I´ve got always a smile. .. and I keep smiling. You know how is to have such a wide smile that you can put it around your ears? That is my smile and only because of him.  He is “guilty”.

I remember when I said to him about my smile. He remained astonished and for a few seconds he said nothing. And I have asked him what ´s happened, why he said nothing anymore. And he said: “I think , this is the nicest thing someone ever told me. I am able to make you a smile until behind your ears.”

 And so, the smile became the symbol of our union. Even now, as I write this, I am smiling…


(images from the “winter portraits” project. © Margo Wiessman 2010 This work is licensed under NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain License and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, stored, or altered in any way without the written consent of the photographer!)


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