Black And White Emotions

Well, as I was telling you a few days ago, we, the artists we like to share. To share the work of other artists, people who inspire us, people who are able to create and to help us to see details of life, things that could go unnoticed for us.

Recently I had a huge surprise in discovering a very nice Romanian photographer which I admire a lot.  His name is Mihai. Mihai Ciuca.

I must tell that I was pleasantly surprised to discover his site and his work as a photographer.  In my point of view he is taking pictures with his heart, as I can see very well in all his images a lot of emotions.  It is obvious this is for him photography it is a passion.  He have some kind of fascination for the photographic technique, always curious, always learning. He experience the photography with his own eyes, testing, documenting and following closely the work of those who are already called “classics” of photography. He is a man dedicated to photography, trying to learn new things all the time, and find new ways to combine his passion with the necessities of life, trying to share with us each time more successful images.

I must tell that I had the honor to met him personally, he is a very kind person and in the relation with people he always search for sincerity.  He always try to establish a friendly relationship with everybody, based primarily on communication, because only in this way , at the end , the result will be the one expected.

Everyone has a personal story, every place had also a story, and what Mihai is trying to do, is to transform these stories into images.  Every moment that pass by, turns into a memory.  Time is running constantly and does not stop for anyone, that is why every moment matters and must be valued to make more beautiful our life.  If photographers would not capture the moments, perhaps would be very difficult for us to remember everything. A good picture is that one who tells you an entire story, awakens your vision, helps you to go back in time and make your heart to vibrate. This is what I have seen in the Mihai´s pictures.  A good photographer who manage to capture in a second an entire story full of emotions.

Speaking with a friend, an artist I admire also very much, Alberto Fernandez de Agirre, he told me:

“Mihai… Mihai is a person with a big cultural richness, and one can see obviously in his pictures that he have inner conversations with himself.  His pictures are very well balanced, with natural and classic compositions,with a  simple but not an easy way to watch the things. His compositions are never distorted and what I like most is that he never try to watch from a dislocated point of view, making weird compositions (just because other photographers think this is fashion).  He never have an artificial angle of vision. In his pictures you can find strong light and deep shadows, with a very nice harmony – one skill Mihai have , and which allow us to read the image in a very easy way.  Let´s say that Mihai is able to photograph the portraits of the landscapes, in the same way that he is able to create an emotional architecture of the people. In fact, this means that he is working with the same intensity of feelings. You cannot ask more or anything else from a good photographer.”

But, ok, people used to say that an image worth a thousand words, so I will let you to appreciate  Mihai pictures watching the galleries from his site .

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