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Today was spent getting up at 9:00 or so, which felt good, even if I was still slightly tired even after waking up…and it’s not that I’ve wanted to sleep just until 8:30…but there’s always a lazy reason for me to stay more in bed.
Well… soon will be the time to go home.  I guess that I’ve wasted enough time until now searching’ smth that actually it was so close, but maybe it was not the right time. Now it’s the right time… I know it!! finally I will go home, everything will be changed, my whole life style…
The longest time that I’ve stayed far away from my real home and my real life will finish soon, finally I will have peaceful days, to breath clean air… To breath the ocean. And to work in silence to my projects I have in my mind, and they are a lot, but here  is no space for such things.
mmmmm.. I am still lazy… but hey… just today it is not tomorrow and I will go home….
I have again that butterflies in my stomach… my gosh… just a few days left and I will be on a plane going somewhere where the temperature it’s not more than 27°. (actually I am sick of 40° almost every day- almost all summer long…)
But… nothing… in fact I wanted to tell you something else but my mind it is somewhere else in this time. I wanted to show you my last two photography books. These are the books I have done this year. People who knows me as a photographer they was waiting for these books.

One of them, it is a special one , I love the pictures inside, they are pictures made with heart not with camera, every picture have his own story and this collection pf pictures is one of my favorite. These are pictures to feed the soul. I love them, each one of them have a feeling and a story.

Then, the second one… well, this one it´s about to feel. Fell the silence the sea on Basque Country coast. I love this place. It is my second home. There, between the mountains and the ocean I felt free. But there is so much to tell about… I am in love with this place. The climate, the influences of the ocean, the people.. an attractive mixture of villages, mountains, hills, in a few words: a place of natural surprises. 252 km of coastline with breathtaking view , where the time seems stood still. Endless beaches and a silence you will never forget. Oh, and the cuisine. Basque Country has one of the highest concentration of haute cuisine restaurants in the world.
So here is the book with pictures from this magic place:

These are my books for this year, you can order your copy and fell free to contact me if you have any questions before making your order.

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