Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder about the less fortunate people in life? Do you ever think of the people that think less of themselves? Do you ever wonder why people get angry? And do you ever wonder why people cry?

I do… because at some stages, you often think about your own life, and start to compare it to others, but you often think to yourself, WHY ME???  I used to ask myself that all the time and wonder why life was so screwed up for me… But then you have to settle down for a while and think to yourself. Why do I feel this way? I’m so selfish… what about the people that are less fortunate than us? While you ask the same question the majority of people on earth do.Than, you realize that it´s not just you, majority of people are also on the same boat as you are. So before you ask yourself  “WHY ME”, think again… think of how fortunate you are, because there are so many others less fortunate than you.

When you walk out to the streets, you see homeless people., begging for money, dirty clothes, no food, no homes…

When you watch the news, something bad is always going on… Drug bust, people killing people, terrorist bombing attacks,  people that have died for your country to save you all…  and so on.

And there,  we still ask ourselves…. “WHY ME??”

But please people, this is out to all that read this., all your friends and family have their bad days and good days. So take into consideration of what you do or say to them because they too have feelings and emotions, they have a heart that can break and hurt just as yours can. So please don´t judge a book by its cover… look deeper than what the eyes can see, they too are human beings…no matter how they are or where they are or what they are doing and how they are living.

“I think… if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

6 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?

  1. Your questions and comments are right on ! It’s so easy to lose track of the big picture and focus on our concerns. Your photos illustrate your comments so well. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

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