nothing it doesn’t matter anymore

Sometimes you will have to step out of your comfort zone. Sure, it’s cozy in there and you’re as safe as you please. You don’t have to measure up. You don’t have to run and beat anything. You can watch people making mistakes and get hurt and deal with life while you sit on your couch being untouched. You can say life is sweet because nothing bad happens to you, because as a matter of fact, nothing does ever happen to you. But sometimes you will have to go out on a limb and put yourself on the line for someone… someone you might love so much that you can’t bear to see him suffering and to not take it upon yourself, to do your part, to be with that person, to stay next to him.  And all of a sudden you forget yourself… you forget about the things that used to make you comfortable, the things that used to make your life is sweeter…maybe the things that you wanted to do,( but they are not available anymore because now it’s him in your life and everything it’s changed). All of a sudden  all becomes clear and you will know what to do. That’s when you realize that was the easiest part.

Of course you don’t have an idea of what it takes. You know the road that will take you to where you want, but you don’t really know how bumpy it is until you’re on it. And you are thinking that you want to go somewhere where you don’t understand the people, where you will not be able to say even an word because you don’t know to speak that language, where you don’t have any friends and you don’t know anybody but him… somewhere , in the middle of nowhere. You, him and the sky…and maybe the ocean. A silent beach in the sunset, the waves with their songs and stories…

And you find that it’s tough. But you are thinking that you will be with him and nothing it doesn’t matter anymore.


(copyright Margo Wiessman, emotive portraits, 2011)

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