We’re allowed to dream?

I do not know how to feel … shocked or disappointed??

And I remember people used to me that I’m a dreamer and an idealist …. When I was still in psychology university, one teacher told us that there are dreamers intro real world, but, they are schizophrenics!! So, I understand that we are not allowed to dream. We’re not supposed to perceive the things as our character and temperament allows us? We need to follow the (so called)  herd-effect, or am I wrong? So, we must integrate in this effect and to begin to complain every day that we have problems, we do not get money, I do not know what happened at my job …and so on, and so on…

This can not be! To not have time to enjoy the autumn, the sunset, the sound of the rain, to not have time to say “I love you” anymore, we are not able to see the beautifulness around us anymore, and this is just because we have much more “important” things to do: to complain!

It cost something to dream a little bit of a better world? What it costs to imagine things in one way or another? That we will wake up to reality and we will see the things as they are, following the same imbecile lifestyle,  where, effectively we are suffocating ourselves because of  so much malice and hypocrisy??

Ask me anything!! But not to be a hypocrite!
I am disappointed, I must admit!

But one things calms me and give me peace. It calms me but also gives me the creeps(in a nice meaning).  My baby…

Yes, that person who´s able to melt me away with just a few words, that person who still knows to be tender, that person … as I have described him, is my baby ….and this is how I perceive him …and nobody will be able to change my perception. Probably would have been more exciting if I would tell you  that he upsets me every day,  and my life is a soap opera plot  in the true sense of the word … Hm … But how could I say such a thing when he is as he is? (or better said, he is as I see him that he is, but, if I want to see him in this way, nobody can´t change my perception). I mean, you know, when you fall in love, that person may be the most hated man on Earth, but for you still the Prince Charming will be.  And you will see inside him the best qualities even that sometimes it is not that so.

Let me explain you what is all about this feeling we call it love and where it comes from:

First of all, will appear some positive emotions and they will repeat and repeat for a while, then comes an oscillation between positive and negative emotions, and after this, the positive emotions get stabilized. At this point we can tell we are in love. Then comes the “crystallization”-that means, we give to our partner credit for everything, we charge him(or her) with the finest qualities. (And here in this point I find myself too, because my partner manages to do the things in such way, that to me, this crystallization it is still alive since the first days I met him. The story is that every day he manage to do something to make me to fall in love again and again with him, and of course I see him the Prince Charming!! )

And finally, the feelings of love, they grow up , become stronger, and we become conscious of our feelings.

This is the phenomenon of falling in love and luckily for me, instead to attend the herd-effect and to lament every day, I came across this phenomenon and I feel happy and really great. I am glad I never complain about no matter which kind of problems I could have, I am happy that he is part of my life, I am happy that I can give him love and feelings so deep and beautiful … I am happy, even though at this point I still have in my mind a phrase heard recently:”you’re an idealist, a dreamer, things are not as you think they are! Nobody would love you like in the fairy-tales!! Stop to imagine things are not real! Love it is not real , it is just in your head !”

Why we are not allowed to dream? Why we are not allowed to express our feelings? Express them as we feel ….according to our heart’s dictates.

It is true that this phenomenon of crystallization can look like a stupid thing and can get us in a self-delusion, but we must fight against this. Is true that love makes you to delude sometimes and to see in your partner some qualities he might not have, or to delude regarding the things in general, but… but, we really must hate this feeling? Why must we always be ”lucid” cold and rational? Why we are not allowed to see the person near us much better, more beautiful, more intelligent…

But is there someone who can actually realize that everyone sees their partner exactly as they would like themselves to be? Beside this, everybody have an idealized image about himself.

I love him as he is, and I am happy he is as he is, and I am happy I am able to love. And my university teacher can go to live on another planet, this world it is definitely not for him. We are allowed to dream, it is very healthy and heps us a lot,  emotionally speaking. All the people who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. We can dream anything if these dreams are beneficial, positive. Dreams are the gateway to achieve goals and to succeed. Who does not have dreams do not have any future plans or goals, high ideals. Where is the limit to dream? A famous quote says that “the sky is the limit”. Well, our own imagination is the limit. If you use your imagination and feelings in constructive and not destructive purposes, they will prove their usefulness.

copyright Margo Wiessman, 2012, Madrid.

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