living poor and loving it…

A Russian woman… somewhere in the Danube Delta, in a community of Russian people…

Almost all days are the same, the same cup of tea or coffee in the morning, the same dog, the same cats in the yard… the same house (almost to fall)… mens are going to fishing every morning before the sunrise and they come back at the lunch time.

I don´t  consider myself deprived, although I can see why some people might think so. I don’t own a laptop computer, television, DVD player,  iPod, video system, BlackBerry(or how they call it) or many of the other things marketed as necessities. But I have food, shelter, family, friends, a radio, a bus pass, a few books… How could I consider myself  ‘poor’ when so many people have nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep and no chance to improve their situations?

Yet there is another reason I hesitate to call myself poor –the cultural baggage associated with the word: Poor people are lazy, stupid, immoral, shameless and incapable of making smart decisions. Poor people are losers; We want poor people to trade their rags for riches. We want them to embody some kind of Paradise dream. Most of all, we want to believe that poor people are shiftless and depraved and always to blame for their poverty.

I am not poor! I have beautiful kids, they grew up already and each one of them have their family now, I have a husband who still respect me and loves me.  We are together since we was 18. So many years since then and he still cover me in the night time  with the blanket. So many years since then and he still makes me a tea when I feel not so well.

I don´t care about all those stuffs people have and they consider themselves rich because they own them. My needs are not great. I used to have a job, in the past, I used to be a dress-maker.. but I cannot see anymore so well. But I was lucky to have it.  My parents, they did not have money to send me to school- on that time it was very hard to go to university (a luxury most people cannot afford)- but I love to read books and I am still reading. My kids they bring me all the time new books. Look, this is the book I am reading now!! (she show me an Irving Stone novel -Agony and Ecstasy)

We are living… we love to enjoy the nature, the river… The sunset…. the sunrise…

Sure, we don´t have all the time a big breakfast of a big dinner, but what´s the point to have a big meal after sunset? We are not starving either… But we know where is the limit. There is a question of balance in everything.

Do you want a cup of tea?”- she asked

“No, thank you, I am ok!” (me)

(than she continued speaking…)

You know, I was thinking one time, that some people they should be homeless at least one week to realize what it means to have a slice of bread and how much it means. You know… you don´t get rich by buying things .. this don´t makes you rich. When I wake up in the morning and I am watching the dew drops in my garden and I am breathing the fresh air of the morning I tell to myself that indeed I am rich and lucky.

But I think this is a matter of choice. Everybody can choose how they want to live. Therefore, choosing your life and having no choice are different things. “

that it is all for today. thank you for reading my blog and for visit. have a nice day ahead and think…

9 thoughts on “living poor and loving it…

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have watched a movie several times over the last few days…I tend to do that if I like something about a movie…same with a book. The movie is The New World. Of course it has a Hollywood influence…but there is enough content for one to think. It is about the Europeans settling a colony in America and the interaction with the natives or what they call them “the naturals”. I realize there may be a tendency to glorify the naturals just as much as there may be another tendency to demean them…from a historical perspective I mean. But, I love being outside…always have. I love doing simple things like watching the clouds change shape or feeling and listening to the wind. I enjoy watching the sun reflect in the ocean. These naturals understood these things. Perhaps I was attracted to the natural woman in the movie…(laughing)…but I certainly feel…or know…we have lost something great in the process of becoming modern and what we believe to be a “richer” form of being.

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