my world

I love the winter, I love  the starkness of the trees and the snow …that endless white with shadows of white…I long for this snow….and the sound of my boats in the white carpet….and the red wine with cinnamon .. the snowmen…hot chocolate…the fight with snowballs….they are a lot of reasons to love the winter…my winter is absolutely breathtaking.  I just love the way the snow  sparkle in the sun light.. everything is crispy and fresh…even the air smells different in the winter…the fallen snow on the trees…(sigh…)


And, as I was telling a few days ago, the last sunset of this year it’s close…the winter it’s coming and I am not there… such a sad feeling…26th of October is the last day with sun. The dark season begins.  No more sun in 2012…

I just have an irrational desire to go at the bottom of the world, in the ice and snow land, to see just white and shades of white. I just want to be there in that white and empty silent landscape where the human life is absent and all the beauty is still untouched… to be lost in wonder…to fall in the white chaos of the northern land…


That it is all for today, I hope everybody will have an magnificent weekend. I am going to dream about my winter…

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