special art work

So, as I was telling you yesterday , I will come with a picture, but, today not my picture, today I would like to show you the art work of an artist I like very much.

So, it is all about Alberto Fernandez de Agirre, a Basque artist which I appreciate very much.  He is from Basque Country, (a truly magic land ) fact that one can observe in his art work… as his work it is some kind of magic too.

Alberto, he is a photographer, journalist, writer, painter and dreamer…. wait, I  almost forgot to mention that he is a traveler , but you can see this watching the gallery from his website.  He is a great artist , which coincides with a great human being.  But to define him as a great artist , I must define his art .  Well I guess it is all about freedom… it is about expressing what is inside him.  His work it is something I never saw to anyone else, nobody was able to express it better or in a different way. It is all about expressing what he want and even what he need … to relate…

And this have nothing to do with some sort of school or even a professional career as a painter of photographer… he just have an artistic eye. Therefore, all the world seen through his eyes it is all an art work.  For sure (haha) he is thinking everything in colors and shapes… landscapes, clouds, skies…  Yes, this is it!! I think that the most important thing is his way of looking at the world.  Do not think  he is some kind of alien.. no way! He is eating, walking, breathing, talking.. like everyone else… (oh, talking, this is another interesting thing!!!! you should just listen him explaining the world!!!) He struggles and sacrifices to make his art.

Anyway, it is (I realize now) hard to put in words, but he have that undefinable “something”. Which I guess every artist wanna have. He´s got the “eyes that burn with a fire of a thousand inner visions”.  But by far the most important criteria is not definitively linked with “talent” or “ability.”  Or artistic output.  It is the creative mindset—how he see the world, how he see new possibilities in the ordinary, and find excitement in the mundane.  His artistic personality has an infinite sense of wonder and an appreciation of beauty (or the awareness of the lack of it).  [ Creative people are curious.]  Alberto notice things, question things, and is almost compelled to take them apart and see how they work.  In that way I believe he is an artist.  Even if you can’t draw anything but a deep breath, if you’ve ever wondered, “What if…,”  or if you often see things differently than most people, I think you know what I mean.

So, as I have told you he is Basque but he speak Spanish also, for those who knows Spanish here is his blog which I highly recommend everyone.

Also you can find a art page on facebook and of course his website.

here I will show you one of his pictures I love.

Another important thing is that on 8 nov, 2012 he will exhibit his work in Spain. Here is a link about this. Do not miss it!! Me, I just cannot wait to see this.

that is all for today… see you tomorrow with another picture, this time one of mine. 🙂

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