New Start

I have decided to open a blog again.  In theory this should be about photography but, you might never know what you can find here , as it is made by me , everything it is possible. I will do my best to update every  day or as long as I can.

I have decided to start this blog because I have things to tell and beautiful art to show.

Btw, has it ever happened to you that you keep looking at your watch and still don’t know what time it is. You look at it again and still don’t know that time. If someone asks you the time at this moment, you just go blank before saying “ I don’t know !! ”


Yeah… in this morning I was watching the pictures that I’ve done in the last time,  some of them I like , some I found the looking like a bullshit. And because I was thinking at this I’ve remembered that some time ago I saw an  warning at the border of a highway right next to a forest. What it was about? believe me or nor it was something like : please don’t make caca things(excrements) in the forest, save the nature!! be civilized! and there on that sign was a picture with a person doing really smth and of course over this the sign of forbidden …the worst thing that it’s passing through my mind now, it’s that I am not really sure about what kinda bullshits they was talking there in that image..the ordinary and classical bullshit or the things that they use to do in all the world…and all of you know what I mean….
so… I guess that they should make a warning with something like ” STOP THE BULL-SHITS!!!!”(STOP TO STEAL, STOP THE VANDALISM, STOP TO KILL, STOP THE DRUGS…..)
Anyway…I guess that it’s not important wich kind of shit they are doing… important is that it’s so *********** stinky!!! and much more than stinky it’s that all of us.. the  people, we are really thinking that we’re “spreading democracy”….in fact we are spreading a lot of stinky bull-shits and nothing else.

that is all for today…. tomorrow I will come with a nice (I hope) picture for you….

4 thoughts on “New Start

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